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Here it is 2 years later and thinking of giving unRAID a go again.  What would you guys recommend as far as hardware?  I have these two systems available:


Zotac zbox Mini Ci320 https://www.zotac.com/product/mini_pcs/ci320-nano.

4GB ram.

Mediasonic Probox enclosure via USB3. 

60GB ssd housed in the zbox as a cache drive.


or a traditional retired pc (choice of cpu).  I like going green unless you think a faster cpu will improve system/write speed.


Gigabyte mobo ga-890-fxa

4 (or 8) GB ram.

Drives connected to internal SATA ports.

Phenom Black 1090t 6 core cpu  (or) Sempron 45 watt 2.8Mhz single core.


Also, does unRAID support different file systems?  I saw XFS and RFS, is the ReFS the Windows filesystem?  I am interested in data-rot protection if this is supported in unRAID.



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The Mediasonic option won't work, only SATA connections can be used in the array. Forget about the Sempron for unRAID v6. More memory more better in general.


RFS is ReiserFS not a Windows filesystem. XFS is recommended for new systems. Also btrfs supported. You will have to let unRAID format each drive it will use regardless.


There are some file checksumming tools available as addons to help detect data-rot.

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BTRFS has a perception problem here.  Some folks have reported problems including data corruption while using it for their cache drive.  Data-rot is an important topic but I don't think this community perceives BTRFS as stable enough for the benefits to offset the risks. 


BTW - I have no experience with BTRFS, just providing a temperature check based on when and how I've seen it discussed.  I suspect as we have some success with it and it is perceived as more mature then people will warm to it.

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Btrfs has some really nice features, but most are not utilized by unraid. Really, at this time the only reason to use btrfs on unraid is for the scrub capability. Scrub will read all data and verify checksums which will tell you whether you have any bit rot or not. But keep in mind btrfs is fairly untested in certain edge cases as it is a new filesystem. It has been known to fail quite spectacularly in certain situations. (All my disks are btrfs)

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