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Hot To install Perl?

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NerdPack plugin is the easiest way.


For future reference, nothing you install at the command line will survive a reboot because the OS runs in RAM. What is required is something that will reinstall it on reboot. The above mentioned plugin will do that for you. Another way is to put whatever commands you use to install it in the config/go file which is executed at bootup.

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Without knowing your exact situation, you don't normally need Perl more than once, the first time, in order to run sensors-detect to determine which modules you need for sensor control and access.  Once sensors-detect shows you what you need, you never need Perl again, unless you want to re-detect your sensors.

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I am having issues with the perl install as well, I have installed nerd tools and I have installed perl however when I go into the temperature tool it says i still need to install perl. what do i need to do to get it to work? I have tried uninstall and re-install, I have tried rebooting and nothing seems to work. All assistance is welcome.

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After searching around I found a blog here which listed the steps to get System Temp Running.


I'll place a bit more instructions here though for anyone else looking:

  1. Install Nerd Tools following the post here
  2. Install Perl by opening the Nerd Tools plugin and selecting the slider
  3. Open the System Temp Plugin
  4. The detect button should be active now, so press it and save
  5. Select the applicable sensors
  6. Press Apply
  7. Press Done
  8. You can uninstall Perl by going back to the Nerd Tools plugin
  9. Grab a drink and stay cool



Also found author's instructions here ?

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