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  1. Highly recommend installing the CA APPLICATION AUTO UPDATE plug-in. You can customize when and which apps get automatically updated.
  2. Yes, it is still in beta and it is quite slow. The benefits are its free, easy to setup, encrypts, and deduplicates your backups. I was able to do a restore with a 1 TB backup btw.
  3. Nothing else exists that matches all those requirements. Borg does have a GUI, Vorta, but you still need another program to get your backups to the cloud, like rclone. You can check out this thread for more details if you decide to go the borg + rclone way, but you will have to modify scripts to use.
  4. Just get the Intel CPU and you will have less headaches. The AMD will require some extra configuration and do not have passthrough for the iGPU.
  5. Good work on the plugin it has made fixing user errors a breeze. 🤠 I'd like to use a User Script path stored on the flash here Path To Custom Pre-start Script: but, I must not be doing this right because when I put that "/bin/bash" right before the user script path, a note at the top says No Script is at that path, which seems to make sense since "/bin/bash boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/CA_US/script" is not a valid path. 🤔
  6. I was using BTRFS for 3 years no problem, but now I've had corruption twice about 5 months apart. It's time consuming to format and restore the data, so I won't be using BTRFS for the foreseeable future.
  7. Are the extra parameters correct? Did you try swapping the sr1 and sr0?
  8. I know this is probably too late, but I think your issue was with the paths being read only. The paths passed to Plex must be Read/Write enabled.
  9. Thank you so much! I don't know why I didn't notice that when I looked at settings before...doh!😂
  10. Cloud Commander has the best UI of the file managers I've tried. Is there anyway to password protect the web access from curious users?
  11. Thanks for pointing this out. Unraid community is the best!
  12. This is a great addition to Unraid. Thanks for all your work! Now is it possible to add password protection for the web GUI?
  13. Get this and never look back: IBM LSI SAS9201-8i 6Gbps SAS You will also need these to hook up your HDD: Mini SAS to 4 SATA Cable
  14. I believe this plugin is abandoned. You should check out the disk location plugin available in community apps.
  15. If you select the first item, then hold shift and select the last item, it will select them all. Did you adjust the height of the window in the docker settings?