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  1. Those settings would be handled by the VM itself. The host OS will not automatically hibernate the VM.
  2. Thanks for this information. Helped out a lot.
  3. Did you apply MSI to all the listed devices or just some of them?
  4. Have you applied the MSI fix? Also, what does Latency Monitor tell you? I'm working on fixing the micro stutters as well, but my problem appeared a couple of months after the Windows 10 VM was working flawlessly.
  5. I'm not sure about the external shares plugin. I just created a Share exclusively for NextCloud and edited Host Path 2 under the docker to point to that share. Are you able to share at least the one directory?
  6. Check with your ISP to make sure you have port 80 opened, some ISPs block that port by default and you have to request to have it opened.
  7. I didn't realize the letsencrypt tutorial was included. It states that letsencrypt is a prereq, so that made me think I needed to have that configured first, so I skipped the tutorial. ?‍♀️ (not sure why they only have girl emoji for this) Should've kept reading, but either way the tutorial I followed included the DNS setup as well, so I think it will be helpful to some people.
  8. I followed this to get everything setup. I had to do a bit of tweaking with the config files, because my setup was different than his.
  9. Thanks for posting this. The default configuration file didn't work for me, but this did the trick!
  10. Hi, After searching around I found a blog here which listed the steps to get System Temp Running. I'll place a bit more instructions here though for anyone else looking: Install Nerd Tools following the post here Install Perl by opening the Nerd Tools plugin and selecting the slider Open the System Temp Plugin The detect button should be active now, so press it and save Select the applicable sensors Press Apply Press Done You can uninstall Perl by going back to the Nerd Tools plugin Grab a drink and stay cool P.S. Also found author's instructions here ?