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[SOLVED] Very Slow Parity Check After Upgrading Mobo, Processor, and Ram...Help!

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Hi everyone,


My wife's work was giving out old computers. The computer she got from work (Core i3 2100, DDR3, 6 SATA Ports) was considerably better than the computer I was running unRAID on. Figured it was time for an upgrade.


Before the upgrade, these were my specs. I had absolutely no issues with parity checks at the time (80MB/s-120MB/s)

- AMD X2 4200+

- Asus Mobo

- 4GB Ram DDR2

- Supermicro SAS 8 SATA Card

- 1 Parity, 1 Cache, 4 data drivers


After the upgrade was when the problems began to occur. My parity checks are now ~3MB/s. Estimated time to complete parity check on 2TB parity drive was 4 days...

- Intel Core i3 2100

- Asus Mobo

- 4GB Ram DDR3

- Supermicro SAS 8 SATA Card

- 1 Parity, 1 Cache, 4 data drivers


I'm not sure if this makes any difference or not, but my new mobo has 2 x SATA 6 ports and 2 x SATA 3 ports. I'm using the Nordic (?) hot swap hdd cages that I got from NewEgg a few years back. I think they're SATA 1.5?


Anywho, syslog attached from when I was running the parity check. It's clear there's some errors being generated here (these errors, to the best of my knowledge, were not there before the hardware upgrade)...I just don't know what they mean or how to fix them.


Please help :(




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The slow speed will be because the drive is continually being reset.    I would carefully check all the cabling.  Also are you sure the power supply is up to what is needed as insufficient power can cause random errors to occur.


So you figure it's a loose SATA cable somewhere?


I'm not too worried about my power supply; I think my current one is up to the task.

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Assuming your disk was good, the DMA error I saw on ata1 (ST9160310AS - 5SV44X5H, as johnnie.black said) is almost always due to (1) bad sata cable and/or (2) bad sata connection (between cable and drive / port).

Check the driver SMART attributes. You should be seeing an increasing number of "UDMA CRC error count".


It is possible that your mobo sata board might be on the way out but it usually results in the drive dropping off completely.


So like Johnnie said, replace the cable and retest.

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Thanks very much, everyone. Your assistance has helped me fix the problem.


It was actually two problems. The first was a bad SATA cable. I'm guessing it got badly kinked or damaged during the transplant/organ exchange/upgrade from old processor, motherboard, and memory to the new stuff. The second problem was a bad SATA port on the motherboard (surprisingly, not connected to the bad SATA cable). One of my drives (not attached to the bad SATA cable) completely dropped off while troubleshooting. Multiple reboots did not fix the problem, but moving the drive to another SATA port did. The cable attached to the bad SATA port was relocated and attached to another drive and there was no issues with unraid seeing that drive.


After resolving the problem, I was successfully able to do a parity check @ 80mb/s - 130mb/s. 2TB parity check completed in about four hours, which was about the same amount of time my parity checks were being completed before the upgrade (a bit faster, actually).


I'm doing one more parity check now just to make sure there's no issues. If there is, I'll post here again.


In the meantime, looks like I'm waiting for a sale on SATA cables (got enough open spots in my array that I can make do without the faulty one for a while).


Thanks everyone!

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