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Tbh at this day and age, no API support on a network-operation-centric system is unheard of.


I switched from TrueNas not even thinking about the availability of APIs being a potential issue (this is on me).


Then, finding the unofficial Unraid-API only to realize that it hasn't been updated for 2 years with the repo owner understandably not interested in maintaining it, presumably because of the sheer amount of work needed to build a web scraper and maintain it for exponentially increasing versions of the webpages (multiple versions of unRaid, infinite combinations of plugins). 


This feature has been a long time waiting to be solved. @willnnotdan mentioned in the discord that an API was promised to be released with version 6.8 and that was almost three years ago.


Oh and this feature request was posted more than 6 years ago...


Please Lime Tech, show us some love, give us an api.

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one more reason to do it
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Wow, just to add to my before speakers, this i really a needed feature.

And it's really missing component in this day and age.


I tried tinkering with the unofficial API, it stopped suddenly working and is a disaster to get is back running.

I just want to control my USB attach/detach from one button from my phone/home assistant.

As I daily unplug my mouse and keyboard from the unraid vm, and need my phone to log in to unraid then switch to vm tab and detach mouse and keyboard and reattach.

This is a nightmare.

PLEASE LIME TECH listen to your customers and put this ASAP on the roadmap UNRAID OFFICAL API!!!


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