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No web ui please help


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I have just changed out a few things , GPU from 2 to 1 and changed bios settings to change immou to disable and install a raid card and installed 2 more drives 

after restarting i no longer find the web interface pinging server comes back fine and ssh in to server is fine , i have noticed server name is not Tower from Server


running latest version of unraid any help will be great i have no access to my shares and have 30tb of data on there 


server shows up on network but no files or folders 


please help 

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Thanks for your response , i have just tryed that and altho it all boots no web ui or shares , also server name is tower not server


i have also tryed a fresh install on unraid and same think happened no gui web i can accese root via ssh 


going to try default bios see if it helps

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