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Call traces found on your server


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Fix Common Problems has found call traces on my server, so I'm reporting here as instructed.


The error was identified at 04:30 on 16 Apr 2017. (Yeah, I'm a little slow in posting.) I updated to 6.3.3 10 days, 22 hours ago, so the server was up for about 8 days, 10 hours, so this should not have been the first run of FCP since the update, but it might have been. Not implying that FCP is the cause, just trying to think of any changes that have happened recently.


It looks like the OS was updated as well as these plugins:

  • binhex-sabnzbd (1 week ago)
  • cops (3 days ago)
  • headphones (3 days ago)
  • libresonic (1 week ago)
  • mariaDB (17 hours ago - after the error appeared)
  • piwigo (3 days ago)
  • rutorrent (3 days ago)


I don't recall what plugins have been updated since then.


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You probably have the scans set to run Weekly, as it is the only run of FCP during your entire uptime.


Here's the one and only trace:


Apr 13 04:05:13 NAS kernel: INFO: rcu_preempt detected stalls on CPUs/tasks:


I *think* the CPU basically burped and just paused for a sec.  If they're not recurring, then I wouldn't worry about it.

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Thanks, Squid... this is great. We just had our first grandchild and had to burp him, now I've got to burp my server too O.o ? Sheesh...




Yes, FCP is set to run Weekly, sorry, thought I'd mentioned that.


I'll clear the error and keep an eye out for future issues.

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