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Write and Read speeds & USB Flash Question


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Before trying unraid I did some test with 2012 r2 Essentials with storage spaces, and stablebit drive pool.


With storage spaces I was getting W/R in 200 range, no ssd cache.

With stablebit using ssd cache drive I was getting writes in 300 range with reads around 200.

With unraid i'm only getting writes in 115 range with ssd cache drive, and reads with 50-80 range, this just seems really really slow.


I really like unRAID and will probably still buy it due to low resource usage, docker, vm and ease of use.


System is a HP Proliant ML110 Gen7.


Question regarding usb flash drive. Right now i'm on the trial using a 2 year old scandisk ultra 16gb usb flash drive. Drive really hasn't been used at all since I bought the thing it was still in packaging when I started testing unraid. My question on it is i'm going to buy a brand new SanDisk Extreme or PNY Elite to replace my older one before I buy.

Is there a way to transfer to new flash drive and keep settings and configs?


I also have a 8GB HP SD enterprise mainstream flash media kit, my system has a built in SD and USB on the motherboard. Would it be better to use a Thumb drive or the HPE SD Card?



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10 minutes ago, PikkonMG said:

Is there a way to transfer to new flash drive and keep settings and configs?

Set up the new flash (copy the files from the download, and run make_bootable), then overwrite the files with your old flash drive.  When booting up, unRaid will walk you through transferring the registration from one to the other.

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