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Help adjusting /tmp (tmpfs) in Unraid and making the setting persist


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Currently it seems unraid allocates 50% of it's ram to the tmpfs/tmp location. I would like to adjust the percentage or set a static amount for the /tmp folder.


Is this possible and where would such a setting be implemented so that it will automatically apply at boot?


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I think I found what I want to do. I'll put it here so anyone can tell me I am crazy before I do it :)


Basically I am adding this to my go script:


#resize some directories
mount -o remount,size=120G /
mount -o remount,size=8G /run
mount -o remount,size=8G /dev
mount -o remount,size=8G /sys/fs/cgroup
mount -o remount,size=384M /var/log


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29 minutes ago, sirkuz said:

mount -o remount,size=120G /

/ is stored in RAM, so that won't work too well unless your server is very gifted


What are you trying to accomplish though.  Generally, the only thing anyone has ever needed to do is expand /var/log if the log is filling up, and they don't want to bother diagnosing the actual issue.

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I have 128GB dedicated to this in a virtual machine right now. I am trying to take the burden off the nvme cache for some files that I write and delete a lot to the /tmp directory for automated tasks. My containers pick up the files that are complete from the /tmp (RAM in this case) and move them to the appropriate share anyways so I can completely bypass a couple write/rewrite cycles to the SSD.

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I'd suggest adding it to your go file ? If not that, then maybe as a cron job in the scheduler.


I had the need for this too a few times and I also have 128GB, so curious to hear how your results turn out. My goal isn't so much to gain speed, but rather to take the wear and tear off the SSDs I have. I've killed two over the years, or the file system gets corrupted, and it's just annoying to have to troubleshoot and fix.


Can I ask what application/docker you're using that's causing this? It's possible I might know how to suggest some other alternatives. 

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the biggest offenders I have right now are binary newsgroup downloader. I have set this up in order to take the wear of those while downloading thousands of files, decompressing and moving them. Everything is automated so I'd prefer to keep it away from the SSD since I have the memory. SSD is just for docker containers, vm's and quick file transfers to the server.

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