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I have started doing my research for my 2nd Unraid build. I was looking at getting the NZXT Kraken x52 AIO cooler for the CPU. The only problem with this is that it uses it's own CAM software to control the fans, pump and lighting.


Does anyone know of a way that these coolers can be controlled without the CAM software or the software can be installed via Docker


My build is just only going to be used for file storage and running Plex Server (transcoding required)


Thanks in advance.  

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On 9/19/2017 at 8:12 PM, tjb_altf4 said:

Probably way overkill, but you should be able to create a windows vm running the software and pass through the usb controller.

Or you can not use CAM, and plug fans into mobo, pump will run 100%, but you can still control fans that way..

Did you ever try this? Do you know which usb controller to passthrough to make this work?

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You dont need the software to use it.  

Just plug it into the relevant ports on your motherboard and if applicable, USB headers.  

Whilst the CAM software doesn't work with Unraid to my knowledge, the only thing you are missing out on is RGB control and fine tuned control of the pump - the defaults are fine though.

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