Couch Potatoe for TV Shows


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I currently source my own TV shows an Movies from ripping. However is there any Dockers that will look at a folder and provide imagery or rename files like Couch Potatoe does for Movies, but for TV show Episodes?


So what I'm saying is I'd like to Rename and find Imagery for Plex and Kodi like Couch Potatoe does. 

Currently I use TheRenamer, Ember Media Manager in Windows. I tried to mess with FileBot, but I had some issues and maybe I should just revist that. lol

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SickRage does a good job of managing TV media, including renaming and art/metadata download... this is for new content via media downloader, unprocessed media folder and existing in library updating.


However if your planning on moving away from couch potato, Sonarr/Radarr stack might make you life easier for TV/Movies as the setup is very similar.

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