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Convert Cache RAID1 to RAID10

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As the title suggests I'm looking to convert my cache from a RAID1 to RAID10

I currently have a 2-disk RAID1 setup that I'd like to convert to a 4-disk RAID10

I've found the command for changing the modes but I'm having trouble tracking down any additional steps or precautions to take

Also, I'd assume this is a destructive process. Meaning, the drives will be wiped, the new RAID will be created and then I will need to re-copy data and configure shares


Has anyone had experience in completing this and can provide any insight?



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6 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

It's not, but a backup before starting is always a good idea.



Right, I'd found this post but I just wanted to be sure I'm thinking about the process correctly. Maybe you can confirm?


My assumption is, I have 2x disks in RAID1 currently.
Stop array
Add the 2 new disks to the cache section (4 total now)
Start array

Go into Cache settings

Change mode and rebalance

[magic happens]

RAID10 all set with existing data intact

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21 minutes ago, fiore00713 said:

Add the 2 new disks to the cache section (4 total now)

Looks good, but after this there will be an automatic balance, wait for cache activity to stop before changing the profile.

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On 1/18/2018 at 4:23 AM, greg2895 said:

I have found no difference with raid 10 and raid 1 with my 4 ssds. 

Hi guys. Im looking to increase the performance of my unraid Cache pool by converting a pool of 3 SSDs in RAID1, to 4 in RAID10.

Has anyone seen any tangible performance increases in RAID10? Or is it just a waste of money (unless youre doing benchmarking)?

I know Greg2895 says he noticed no difference, but surely there must be something in it?

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