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I have tried to install cacti about 4 times: tried different spine location mentioned above:

Keeping everything to default setting


It keeps getting stuck on this section:

Installing Cacti Server v1.2.5

Your Cacti Server is now installing 

Bar showing 35%



Any idea what I'm doing wrong


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Which Docker image are you using?


I'm just finally getting back to updating my cacti image (chestersgarage/cacti), and the 1.2.x versions of cacti are substantially different from 1.1.38, which completely broke my Docker build and my latest attempt at updating the image.  So I'm sort of in the same boat as you right now.  But I should have things figured out in the coming weeks.

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On 4/19/2019 at 12:43 PM, koyaanisqatsi said:

If you have recently rebooted unRAID or restarted your Cacti container, this can happen.  I have worked around it so far by enabling Advanced View in the Docker screen, and then force-update the Cacti container.  This causes it to go through an initial setup that reestablishes the DB connection properly.  It's a bug in the image I'm working on.  But I've had some life changes that tore me away from this project for a long time.  I have every intention to come back to it and refine the image.


To be clear, this workaround only works with my image: chestersgarage/cacti

Can you please add this to the start of the thread?  I spent a long time figuring out how to not only get this container to save settings but to also not crash after stopping and starting the container.  What I did was install the container and run thru the basic setup to get to the main page. Then in advanced view I immediately did a force update.  I had to run thru the setup once more but my settings are saved.  I was scratching my head on why this worked on one unraid server but not another and now I know why.


This version of cacti works PERFECT! The threshold works and if you set the poller settings to 30 sec and one min it is VERY FAST in detecting up and down states as well as email notifications.  If everyone uses the force update they will not have any issues and I would rather have that workaround than risk a broken container.


FYI I tried installing cacti by scratch with many operating systems and either the email was super slow in like 2 hours to report a down state or the email threshold just did not work.  So GREAT JOB and thanks for creating this container!

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