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VMs Pause


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Supermicro X8DT6-F  / 2x Intel Xeon X5650 / 48GB RAM / 8x 2TB HDD / ONBOARD LSI RAID / REDUNDANT PSUs + UPS


2 Ubuntu VMs. First is a print server and other is a DVR server. Server has 6 2TB drives in the array +2 2TB Parity Disks. No cache disk is installed.
Each VMs OS vDisk is 30GB, the DVR has a second vDisk of 10TB used for MySQL and Recording Repository.
The domains share is configured for High-Water allocation (by default). The moment Disk 1 is full (20,5KB Free), the DVR server VM pauses.

Freeing up any space on Disk 1 will allow the VM to resume and run perfectly. 
I attached the Diagnostics from the Tools menu.

I'm hoping its just a setting I overlooked. What is odd is there is data written to Disk 2 as its free space does seem to be decreasing as data is recorded.

From the unRAID  OS Main page, there is 9.96TB free on the array, why is the KVM engine pausing the VMs if the first Disk is full? 

Any help or insight on this will be greatly appreciated!
Thx, MB


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You must set Minimum Free for each User Share to larger than the largest file you expect to write to it. Each disk is an independent filesystem and each file must fit completely on one disk, no file will be split. 


unRAID has no way to know how large a file will become when it begins to write it. It will choose a disk that has more than Minimum Free to write the file and if it runs out of space it will fail. 

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Since the DVR records individual jpeg files, could I set up a share on unRAID and have the DVR write to that share instead of a vdisk?

That what the share itself can span over the array using the allocation methods and the minimum space per disk?
Thanks for the quick replies guys.

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