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Can not replace disk

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Hi all.

I have unraid 6.5.0 and one of my data disk failed.

It is saying that it is unmountable and formatting does not work.

I set the disk to "none" and rebooted.

Then i installed a new same size disk but then i get "Wrong" by the disk and i can not start the array.

I somehow think that the system now thinks that i have two missing disks because i once took a 250gb ssd disk and added it to the array for 20 sec but no data went on the disk.

But i allways have the "missing disk" where i accidentaly installed the ssd disk.

Any idea how i can fix this?

With the broken disk i think that i will loose data if i use Tools/New config

I am sending with this a screenshot


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What exactly do you mean by this?

14 minutes ago, Aparass said:

one of my data disk failed.

The best way to proceed in that situation varies considerably depending on the details.


16 minutes ago, Aparass said:

formatting does not work.

If you had any files on disk1 that you wanted to keep then attempting to format it was a very bad idea.


16 minutes ago, Aparass said:

I somehow think that the system now thinks that i have two missing disks

The system thinks you have 1 missing disk, disk5, which you say you added while you were trying to fix this. ???


Is the disk1 in the screenshot the original disk1?


How do you want to proceed? We can remove disk5 from the configuration, rebuild parity, and then either format disk1 or try (maybe not worth the effort) to repair its filesystem.


Before doing anything at all though, you should answer the questions, and also go to Tools - Diagnostics and post the complete zip.

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Posted (edited)

Hi trurl.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Just to clarify things a little bit.

Disk 5 is the ssd disk that i put in the computer many months ago and it was never intended  to be a part of the raid and it was there for only few seconds and then i took it out of the raid but the label "missing" has been there after that.

Disk 1 is the original Disk 1 that failed, trying to format it was just a test to get the filesystem back up on the disk so i could remove it the right way, there is no accessible data on the disk and i can not make partitions on it or do,anything with it.

If i keep it there then i can start the array only i do not have the data on the disk.

if i take Disk 1 out and replace it with another disk then i get "wrong" sign by the disk and i can not add it to the array or start up,the array.

I think that it is bekause,of disk 5.

How can i remove disk 5 out of my list ?


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Keeping the SSD present was a bad idea as it means that you are no longer protected against another disk failing because as far as unRAID is concerned a missing disk is a failed disk.  You should have asked for advice on how to get it removed earlier.


Having a disk flagged as unmountable normally means there is some sort of corruption at the file system level and the appropriatee tool needs running to correct it.   This would be done by clicking on the drive in the Main tab and scrolling to the part that allows you to run file system checks.    Normally this recovers the disk with all data intact, but if you tried to format disk1 then it is possible that you have lost all the data on it!    Regardless I would try running the check to see what it says and post the results here as running the check would not change anything on the disk - it is only at the repair stage that the disk contents can get altered.

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If you don't need any data from disk1, and since it's failing, just do a new config without it and re-sync parity.

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