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Upgrade Links Missing For 6.2


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I am running 6.1.9 and want to update my system.  Following the https://lime-technology.com/wiki/UnRAID_6/Upgrade_Instructions, I have made sure that I am ready to upgrade to 6.2 so that I can then upgrade to 6.5.x.  The problem is that the upgrade plugin links are broken.  

The 6.2 Link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/limetech/unRAIDServer-6.2/master/unRAIDServer.plg


I was able to find the .plg file here: https://github.com/limetech/unRAIDServer/blob/0486b4614bc384cc81eb0413335645d070a6588c/unRAIDServer.plg and by knowledge of githubs URLs, I tried installing https://raw.githubusercontent.com/limetech/unRAIDServer/0486b4614bc384cc81eb0413335645d070a6588c/unRAIDServer.plg.  The problem with that was that the zip file in s3 no-longer exists.  

"plugin: wget: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.2-x86_64.zip download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response)"


How should I go about updating my system / are there working links?

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No idea why the links are no longer valid.   In the worst case you can always do the ‘manual’ upgrade process :(


Steps to achieve this are:

  • download the ZIP file of the latest release from the Limetech site
  • Copy all the files that start with ‘bz’ from the ZIP file to the root of the USB drive overwriting any that are already there.
  • reboot the unRAID server and it will come up on the new release.

Copying the files can be done over the network by copying them to the ‘flash’ share, or by plugging the USB drive into your PC/Mac.   You may want to first make a copy of the existing contents of the USB drive onto your PC/Mac to give you a reversion path in the (hopefully unlikely) event there are issues after doing the upgrade and you want to be able to revert.

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I was under the (potentially mistaken) impression that if I did not go to 6.2 first I would have to rebuild my docker containers and their configuration.  At this point, I just want to get the new version running so I can makes changes to my setup.  So I will backup everything I can and record all the configuration in case everything goes upside down and then try manually upgrading.

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