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UI and Share Performance extremely bad when mover is running


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When mover is running, my system goes to a crawl. For instance, loading the dashboard takes about 15 seconds, changing to any other tab about the same amount of time. Accessing any shares regardless of location is also very very slow.


My system is no slouch, so i'm not quite sure why this is occuring as i'm not remotely close to maxing out any of my systems specs:


2x Intel E5-2420v2

96gb DDR3 1600 ECC triple channel

1.6tb Intel P3600 NVME PCIE x4 Cache drive

3x 8tb WD Red Parity and Data drives

6x 3tb WD Red Data drives

3tb WD Red Unassigned Device


everything is perfect when mover isn't working, but slows to a crawl. This occurs with no dockers or vm's running. What/where can I check to see whats going on with this? I've attached the diags from while mover had been running for a while and the UI being very unresponsive.


hoofs-diagnostics-20180621-1608 (1).zip

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Anyone? Performance is back to normal after mover stopped. Dockers themselves don't seem to be impacted, but they are also very slow when accessing the array. Seems to be worst when the files being moved by mover are very small, like in my attached logs, where you can see it moving the plex appdata back to my new cache drive from the array. Seems very odd, but could really use some assistance in troubleshooting as i'm not seeing much info out there. 

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2 hours ago, Tweak3D said:

files being moved by mover are very small


2 hours ago, Tweak3D said:

moving the plex appdata

The one given about mover is that it's overhead in moving files is immense.  Far, far greater than simple copies and/or rsyncs.  And, Plex usually has hundreds of thousands of files / symlinks that it has to be moved.


2 hours ago, Tweak3D said:

back to my new cache drive from the array

If there is a next time you do this, you're far better off using something like CA Appdata Backup/Restore to make a backup of your appdata, and then restore it onto a new cache drive.  Will take hours less time.

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