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appdata files on wrong disk ??

Annie SIxgun

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Newbie .. still have 20 days to go on trial and my concern is...

I noticed whenever I install a docker application the appdata file is installed or updated, on disk 1 .

The unraid install put an appdata file, and others such as "system"  on disk 2.

This leads me to believe that the original files should have gone on disk 1 in the first place.

So how do I get the original install files  ie system and appdata ,  etc., back on disk 1 without messing with any of the data files on these two disks.

I had already transferred about 8TB of data when I discovered the appdata thing. 

Do I just move the files to disk 1 so the system, appdata, and all the original installed shares are now on disk 1,  or do I need to start over?


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It's probably the include / exclude settings for the appdata share.   If you only want the appdata to be on disk 1, then have the share setting to only include Disk 1


To fix this though (although its not a problem per se), stop the docker service (Settings, Docker), then use mc from the command prompt and move the appdata share from /mnt/disk2 to /mnt/disk1.  Lots of info on how to use mc via googling.

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can I just rename Disk2 to Disk1 and then rename Disk 1 to Disk 2 ... and make sure all the shares I move  have the correct include disk.  Then when I install a docker app it will write the appdata file information in the appdata file created by unraid, andI  will not have to remember to modify the path when I install another docker package....???

That would

.. Hey, I only have ten days with this so far and not even 10 as the first few were fighting a bad motherboard AND I come fro a windows background so I am encountering a lot of new terms, concepts, and ideas.....

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Normally the path would be of the form ‘/mnt/user/appdata’ which hides on which disk the files are located providing an unified view of the share across all participating drives.


Regarding you original question you cannot rename the disks.     If you want to the files on a specific disk then you need to move them yourself to the desired location.

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This all started when I decided to install Krusader and I was following Space Invaders suggestion in his video where he changed the path from  /mnt/user   to   /mnt/   and added extra paths as bookmarks to get to places with ease, and it all worked, it is up and running great with the added paths and all.

Thats when I saw the system on disk2 and the appdata files were on disk1 with all my data files.

Question,,, are the disk labels disk1 disk2 etc slot dependent? In other words, if I pull out the disk2 and put it in disk1 slot.. is its label now disk1 or does the disk remane labeled disk2 regardless of which slot it is in??    I have a hot swap backplane if that helps.

I really do not want that extra disk spinning up every time I do something that requires info from the appdata file which now resides on the movies disk instead of the system disk.

So is there any way without starting over to get things where they should be with the 'system' and 'appdata', etc., on disk 1 without me having to disk to  transfer 8TB of files... again.


Thanks for everyone's help.... Anne

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9 minutes ago, Annie SIxgun said:

So is there any way without starting over to get things where they should be with the 'system' and 'appdata', etc., on disk 1

Its not a "where they should be" thing.  There's is technically nothing wrong with what you've got.  But, as stated above in order to move things to be all on the same disk you've got to use mc from the command prompt.  Krusader won't be able to do it since you really have to disable all docker containers in order to consolidate the appdata share onto a single disk 

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Thanks Squid.. I guess I will start over...   I just do not want the movies (now disk1) disk spinning up every time info from an appdata file is needed. I have a lot of data that is basically being stored on the each of the disks by subject,  and those files will rarely be accessed unless I happen to be working on one of the movies or a sountrack which are on a different disk. So there is no reason to spin them up unless I am working on them. AS I UNDERSTAND IT  with other files such as system, and appdata residing on any of the other disks, movies, sountracks, scripts, etc., I would spin up that disk every time information is needed from an appdata file.. That is my concern.... Am I incorrect?

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If you really want to start the appdata share over again rather than moving the files around, then set the include settings for appdata to only be on the disk you specify.  Then, Settings - Docker - Disable the service followed by

rm -rf /mnt/user/appdata

and then restart the docker service


No data other than the appdata share will be lost.

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