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how do you get 2 unraids bidirectional sync


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hi im just playing around learning this unraid  

and i have tried  rsync  on freenas and i kinda like it  but it didnt work  in bidirectional  when you set it up  it was mirroring  files in folders  and repeat


what i want is 2 unraid severs  1 at my house 1 at my sisters house... to hold my movies doctuments photos...  if i add a file to the photos  folder it will  replicate it on my sisters unriad..

and if she adds a file to her  server in the same folders    it will replicate  on my unraid server.. so there is no master.. they be bother master and slave at the same time


which program works well for unriad or is there..  or is that a feature to come to unraid?

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I think rsync will do the job executed on both server every hour/day/week...

But I suppose you know if you delete an important picture (for example), the picture will be deleted on both servers. It’s very dangerous and this will not work as a backup solution.


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ah one  how do you get notifications  i didnt get any notifications you guys commented


as for dropbox i dont use it.. what i wanted  was  

like even if i moved a file from a diffection locations  say  familypics/2017  to   familypics/2017-2018  just making it up  that it would also  move those files  on the other server  so it know its been moved   and added...    guess no simple solution  for bidrectional  syncing


as for rsync  i tried it in  Freenas  it worked one direction ok.. but if you  were doing bi direction       if you had a file  in say  /mediaserver   it would replicate  itself and copy  so it be like /mediaserver/mediaserver/mediaserver/mediaserver/mediaserver   so replicated the file and  so oon as a continous copying 

so i figured  maybe unraid  is a better solution  for syncing


so  i could have 2 copies of everything  and  it would  bidirectional  sync


or seems id have to  make folder for my sister  and  it would replicated  to myserver then id move it to proper foldering  and then it would replicate back


just sucks when you have a 5 megabit download  and a 600kilobite upload lol

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