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  1. Any idea why I get this error: Array Started•Warning: posix_kill() expects parameter 1 to be int, string given in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.backup2/scripts/killRsync.php on line 27 Thankyou
  2. SOLVED. Try this: GO TO DOCKER TAB and select DELUGE and then "Edit" On "Repository:" put this: linuxserver/deluge:2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls56 (add ":2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls56") and save. This will pull the last version that was working for me. If you have deleted "deluge" like me, go to APPS tab, search for DELUGE (linuxserver) and install adding ":2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls56" to the repository. ******************************************************************************* If there are a new version I don't know if I have to simply delete the ":2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls56" or I have to change for ":latest:? Sure someone will tell us how to proceed. One last question, If I did deleted "deluge" and it's contents, why when I reinstalled I had the same password, plus the torrents and settings of the last version? Where are they stored? Are not deleted when I delete the app? Thankyou Gus
  3. Tried to re-install without luck. As I see the version that worked was: Linuxserver.io version:- 2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls45 Build-date:- 2019-11-21T14:56:46-05:00 The new version doesn't work: Linuxserver.io version:- 2.0.3-2201906121747ubuntu18.04.1-ls56 Build-date:- 2020-03-26T20:22:08+00:00 Can someone tell me how to roll back to the last version? Thankyou Gus
  4. Can't access Deluge WebUI. Been using it for some months without any problem. Do you guys still able to connect? When was the recent update to the program? yesterday? Is there any log to see what was the last update? I see this in the program log: Can I return to last version of the program? Thankyou Gus
  5. If I'm not wrong I had to open a port on the router and point to deluge unraid IP.
  6. Another one with the same problem. Catalina template and Mojave downloading. It's my secon try if this helps. UPDATE **** HAVE TRIED ON MY SECOND SERVER FIRST INSTALL AND ALSO DOWNLOADING MOJAVE **** Thankyou Gus
  7. I have run the comand and I have seen a progress bar but when I see the hd inside vm has the same size as before. Thankyou Gus **** SOLVED **** As @glennv pointed with: diskutil repairDisk /dev/disk0 diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 48G
  8. About Catalina... After downloading catalina I'm unable to install because I have not free space on hd. I have increased vdisk with this command: "qemu-img resize /path_to_vdisk/vdisk1.img +15G" and I can see on unraid vdisk has increased from 30 to 45GB. Inside my mac vm I can only see But how do I increase the hd inside mac os? Thankyou Gus
  9. You can get the basics here. It's a little outdated but you will get the overall.
  10. Worked like a charm !!! The only problem I have to solve with the second vpn/server is that I can connect to internet trough the vpn but can't connect to my net, I can't access unraid. *** SOLVED *** The problem is I did specify the "ROUTING \ Specify the private subnets to which all clients should be given access (one per line):" in the "VPN IP Network \ Group Default IP Address Network (Optional)" It was my mistake while following spaceinvader tutorial. Now I have 2 servers with one instance on every server of OpenVPN. This way I can connect from work to home to each of those servers if one of they is shut down. Thankyou Gus
  11. Exactly @aptalcathats what I want !!! What range of ports must I select? doesn't matter? Why openvpn specify that has to be port 1194 on docker configuration? Will for example port 1195 work? Thankyou @aptalca
  12. Is it possible to have openvpn on 2 servers at the same time on the same network? How do I deal with the ports? On the configuration of my router I have to open port 1194 and redirect to my first server. If it's possible, can I open another port and redirect it to my second server? Thankyou Gus
  13. Did you find any solution? I have the same problem, change WEBPASSWORD on docker settings but doesn't do anything. I can also login with the default old password. Thankyou Gus
  14. Been using another torrent program under a Windows VM and wanted to try deluge. Installed without any problem, launch without any problem but when I add some torrents they download really slooooow or simply stop downloading. Tried the same torrent on my other server with Windows VM and no problem. Do I need any other setting like open ports on router or anything else to download at full speed? Thankyou Gus
  15. Has krusader the ability of preview images? When you overwrite a picture there's some kind of built in preview but I haven't found the option of previewing images files. Thankyou Gus
  16. In my case is reserved in the router by my ISP.
  17. I have 2 shares on Google drive working (one encrypted). Is there any way to transfer the settings from those 2 shares to another computer ? Do rclone store some configuration file I can transfer or I must re-create the same share on the other computer? Thankyou Gus
  18. Did you get any solution? I'm in the need to change the keyboard layout to spanish. I'm on UNRAID 6.7.0 Thankyou Gus
  19. My server also has 2 network adaptors but I only use one. Would it be possible then to assign this second adaptor to pi-hole container? Do this work this way? Thankyou Gus
  20. I'm unable to access pi-hole admin page. As other user told me: Is then, any way to be able to connect? Or did I mess something in the configuration unraid <-> Pi-hole ? Thankyou Gus
  21. Is there any way to access pi-hole admin page from another location using open-vpn? (Only can access pi-hole inside the same lan locally) Thankyou Gus
  22. Is there any way to access pi-hole admin page from another location using open-vpn? (Only can access pi-hole inside the same lan locally) Thankyou Gus
  23. I had the same problem. I also had as my primary DNS server. I also changed to and now is solved. What's the problem with ? Gus
  24. Perfect !!! Every day I learn something new. Thankyou @jonathanm