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(SOLVED) 6.5.3 - Disk 6 in error state, Red X


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Hi there. Decided to clean my server today. I shut it down, blasted some canned air in there, closed it back up. Upon booting, it alerted with "Disk 6 in error state", and has a Red X beside it in the Main screen.

As per these instructions, I looked for the SMART report, but it wasn't available, so I shut down, re-checked all my cables, I assume I bumped one during cleaning.

I've now booted back up, and the SMART report is now available, so I've attached the diagnostics.

It's Disk 6, the one with "KRYS" at the end of the serial number.


Does that SMART report look ok, I need some help to interpret it. Should I replace the drive?

Is my next step to shut down again, and try a different SATA cable?

Thanks for any help!


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