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Is it possible to change to a new USB Flash Device?


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You can just copy the config folder to the new flash drive. When you boot for the first time you’ll be presented with the option to install a replacement key at no charge. This will blacklist the old flash’s guid. IIRC this is limited to once per year for the automated process.

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Hummm... Please confirm the steps (apologies for being a dumb..):


  1. Install UnRaid at the new flash drive
  2. Shutdown Unraid computer and take off the old flash drive
  3. connect both USBs (new and old) in a different computer
  4. copy the config folder to the new flash drive
  5. connect the new flash drive to the UnRaid computer and boot up
  6. "install a replacement key at no charge"

Is this correct? Did I miss something?





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