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New Asrock Xeon micro ATX motherboard coming


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I guess I haven't been keeping up, I didn't know there were a lot of other Xeon based micro ATX options. I still think it's pretty cool that you can pack all that power into a little board. Great for some unRAID users who want a compact server that could still do VM's and Plex.

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2 minutes ago, uldise said:

i'm wondering about these Xeon E-series - what is a target for them with 16PCIe lanes.. maybe workstations?


NAS, firewalls, camera servers, light workstations, ...


There are lots of times when you have simple tasks but you want a stand-alone solution instead of having it as a VM in a large machine. But you still want ECC memory and long expected lifetime instead of picking up some consumer-class hardware.

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10 minutes ago, uldise said:

ahh, just rebranding.. i have an old E3-1230 V2, now in my test server, and with 20PCIe lanes...

Yes, though few boards can use the 20 lanes, and curiously when they can they also work with cheaper CPUs, like pentiums, despite Intel indicating those only support 16 lanes, new ones do now go up to 6 cores now, so some progress.

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