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6.5.3 - High iowait writing to encrypted SSD cache


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my cache is encrypted, all I get is this in the logs:

Jul 20 12:00:01 unzorg root: /etc/libvirt: 802.3 MiB (841224192 bytes) trimmed
Jul 20 12:00:01 unzorg root: /var/lib/docker: 9.4 GiB (10075443200 bytes) trimmed

If I run fstrim manually I get:


~$ sudo /sbin/fstrim -v /mnt/cache
fstrim: /mnt/cache: the discard operation is not supported

Seems like trim isn't doing anything for my SSD.


And last night I noticed my server had insane load averages just trying to read from the SSD (sdd). (screenshots)



Had to reboot to recover. Any ideas/suggestions on next steps? I have removed the SSD from the array. Before I add it in again, I want to verify that it is good and can keep up with things.

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