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Light weight os to create drive pools in a vm?


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Goal: to create a pool of drives mounted via unassigned devices that I can present as a network storage location outside of my unRaid array, to which I wish to use for backups of my array. Prefer something that can run on 1-2 GB ram and deal with 15TB of drives. It doesn't have to be fast, just functional.


I'm sure this might be able to be hacked together using command line, but that's not my greatest strength. Even through unraid doesnt allow a second cache pool or array,  I wanted to keep everything contained in 1 disk enclosure and managed by one server (although I have 3 or 4 licenses running on different machines at home and at work.)


Thoughts? or any other way of achieving this? I played around with ubuntu to do this, but I'm wondering if there is something even more stripped down with a gui out there.




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5 hours ago, vanes said:


you can try use zfs plugin to create zfs pool for backups, then share it using smb-extra config.



interesting. How much ram does it require? The server I'm putting this in is skimpy on ram at the moment (4GB) and freeNas recommends 8GB for ZFS pools.

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1 hour ago, 1812 said:

How much ram does it require?

I am not zfs-guru, my first zfs pool was created some weeks ago.  I use 2 usb hdd drives in mirror (raid1) for zfs-backup-pool, rsync by user-scripts copy important data there once a week. I limited ARC cache of 2Gb memory using user-scripts. Totally my system have 8Gb of RAM.

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2 minutes ago, AnnabellaRenee87 said:

Maybe the OS from this video?


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hardware requirements stated as 8gb for a vm with openfiler.. which means it probably could run on half or maybe 25%.... openmediavault says it can run on 256MB. If I weren't so tight on ram for this particular server it would give me more options. I've got a backup running right now and it it's ultra low cpu usage too and boots in about 5 seconds. a bit fun to play around with too.

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