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VM and system crashes on new Ryzen system


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Hi everyone,

I built a ryzen-based server from all new components not that long ago and have some serious stability issues. VMs don't stay up for more than 24-72 hours at a time and the entire system crashes often with no response from webGUI and all shares and VMs down.


The attached diagnostics are from just after rebooting from a whole system crash.


Any advice on locating the cause would be very much appreciated!




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On 7/25/2018 at 3:23 AM, Benson said:

You have 32GB memory, what is it's Speed i.e. 2400 / 2600 ? Config i.e. 16Gx2 or 8Gx4 ?

Or simple, just try at BIOS set memory command rate from AUTO to 2T

Your suggestion doesn't seem to have helped. All VMs where down this morning. Any other ideas or anything you can see in the logs?

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