New Configuration from Existing Parity and 4 of 5 data HDDs?

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Sorry for the delay in responding... I've been super busy with work. OK, so I restarted like you suggested and went to run the parity build again, but found that my parity drive was gone. Hmmmm. I'm pretty sure this is a problem with my hardware, and further, I am pretty sure this was the cause of my initial parity failure and subsequent speed issues... I just didn't recognize it.


I have since connected the parity drive to an alternate power and SATA connection within the box, and have successfully built parity. I am now in the process of checking built parity. So far so good.


And a couple items of note...

1. I have backed up all data contained on the remaining 4 data drives, so I am free to get to it with the recovery attempt if you're still willing to help

2. An item I failed to mention before is that I have my drives segregated by data type, so the information on the failed drive is all one type of information. All of the other drives are another type of information. I am hoping that maybe helps the prognosis despite me having remounted those data drives. Anyway, just thought I should mention it.


I think that's it. Assuming the parity finished without issue, I am ready to move forward with your assistance. Thank you!

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You need a spare disk of the same size of the missing disk, to get the emulated disk, rebuilding is optional.


-Utils -> New Config
-using the old parity and a new spare disk assign all disks, double check parity is the parity slot
-check both "parity is already valid" and "maintenance mode" before starting the array
-start the array
-stop array, unassign the missing disk
-start array, check emulated disk mounts and contents look correct


You can stop here if you just want to check or copy the data from the emulated disk, to rebuild:

-stop array, reassign disk
-start array to begin rebuild


This only works if all but the missing disks are unchanged and synced with the parity disk used.

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Thank you,


I finally had the time to try this out. I went through the steps and everything went fine until I started the array after unassigning the missing disk. At that point, it stalled for quite a bit attempting to mount the disks. It finally pushed through, but none of the missing disk data (none of the shares or files within) appeared as I had hoped.


Can I ask, if I share the log file, can you tell why this might be? (I'm assuming it is simply because parity was not fully built again on what I originally thought had been a failed disk, and simply telling it parity was valid wasnt enough?)


And depending on your answer(s) to the above, does this mean I should assume that there is no unraid trickery to try to recover data any longer?


Thank you again



UNRAID LOG FILE - 20180819.txt

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