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Failed Array Health Reports After Recovering from Backup


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I recently accidentally deleted deleted the drive unRAID was installed on, so I ended up having to recover my server from backup, which ll seemed to have gone well except that now I keep getting failed array health reports.  It is saying that Disk 3 "disk has read errors" but when I run a SMART extended self test, the drive passes.  It has a Reallocated Sector Count of 3, but this has been the same for months, and being so small, it doesn't concern me.  


I have attached a copy of both my diagnostics file and the SMART report from this drive, I was hoping someone who understands how to read these could take a look and let me know why I'm suddenly getting repeated failed array health reports.  Thanks for  your help, all!!



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There is nothing for me to acknowledge, all the options when I click on the SMART status button for that drive take me to the disk's settings page, but there is nothing to acknowledge, as it says that the last SMART test completed without error. 

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As far as I know you can only acknowledge the SMART errors. I think restart is the only way to reset the counter for read errors.


For future reference, there is no need to post SMART along with Diagnostics, since Diagnostics already includes SMART for all disks, plus syslogs and many other useful things. Take a look at them some time.

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25 minutes ago, trurl said:

As far as I know you can only acknowledge the SMART errors.


I assumed it was the "Reallocated Sector Count of 3" part that needed to be acknowledged - if reading back a backup of the flash drive then that would also step back in time the current highwater mark for the SMART counters.

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