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Upgrading from 6.3.0?

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Okay, I've been absent for a while, and suddenly we're on v 6.5.3 with 6.6 looming. The sys admin in me just doesn't trust the "Check for Updates" easy button in the unRAID gui, especially given how complicated past updates have been (I've been using unRAID since the 4.x days).


I've been reading countless update threads for the past hour, trying to discern what the generally accepted stable version is currently (6.4.1, 6.5.0, 6.5.1..?), and I just can't get a good handle on what to upgrade to. What is the recommended update procedure from v6.3? Which version should I go to?


System Config

  • Single parity
  • All drives are ReiserFS, including cache

I noted several variations of upgrade issues for different users depending on their configuration, so I'm listing my add-ons below in case anything stands out as a "definitely disable / delete and reinstall" situation.



  • MySQL


  • Community Applications (Andrew Zawadzki) 2017.11.23
  • CA Auto Update Applications (Andrew Zawadzki) 2017.10.28
  • CA Backup/Restore App Data (Andrew Zawadzki) 2017.01.28
  • CA Cleanup App Data (Andrew Zawadzki) 2017.11.24a
  • Dynamix System Buttons (Bergware) 2017.06.07
  • Dynamix System Information (Bergware) 2017.8.23
  • Dynamix System Statistics (Bergware) 2017.10.02b
  • Dynamix WebGUI (Bergware) 2017.03.30
  • Fix Common Problems (Andrew Zawadzki) 2017.10.15a
  • Nerd Tools (dmacias72) 2017.10.03a
  • Plex Media Server (PhAzE) 2016.09.17.1
  • SABnzbd (PhAzE) 2016.11.29.1
  • Sick Beard (PhAzE) 2016.09.17.1
  • Unassigned Devices (dlandon) - 2017.10.17

I have been totally stable with this build, and the only reason I want to upgrade is because Community Applications will no longer update unless I'm at least on version 6.4.


I appreciate any advice and experiences with these versions to help me formulate an upgrade path.

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12 minutes ago, aiden said:

All drives are ReiserFS, including cache

Maybe not now, and maybe not for a while, but this WILL eventually bite you. Either with slow performance as the file system is written to, or as total lockups waiting for data to be returned.


I experienced more and more issues with ReiserFS when I moved from 2TB drives to 4TB, sometimes formatting and reloading the data would smooth things out for a while, but inevitably things would go south as I filled the drives and deleted or moved stuff.


I would formulate a plan to migrate to XFS or BTRFS as soon as is practical. You will need an empty drive formatted to the new file system that can hold the contents of your largest drive to start the process, from there it's just a matter of rolling through all the drives one at a time copying and formatting. There is a sticky thread discussing the process.


21 minutes ago, aiden said:
  • Plex Media Server (PhAzE) 2016.09.17.1
  • SABnzbd (PhAzE) 2016.11.29.1
  • Sick Beard (PhAzE) 2016.09.17.1

PhAzE abandoned these for good reason, applications like those are much better suited to dockers. You will need to migrate. There are discussions in the support threads for those plugins on migration strategies to the respective docker apps.


As far as which unraid version to shoot for, 6.5.3 which is the latest stable as of the date of this post has been very stable for most folks.

24 minutes ago, aiden said:

What is the recommended update procedure from v6.3?

I believe there is either a wiki or a sticky thread discussing that in depth.

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1 minute ago, jonathanm said:

I believe there is either a wiki or a sticky thread discussing that in depth.

In the Announcements subforum you will find the release notes for each version. Be sure to read the first post in the thread for the release of 6.5.3. And be sure to follow the instructions in the "Update Notes" linked near the top of that post.

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