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Replaced Parity Drive, 5000 Errors, is this normal?

mike p

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I replaced a 4TB parity drive with an 8TB parity drive in anticipation of placing larger drives in the array. I precleared the drive first with no errors.  After the first run of the Parity check on the new drive, I received this message.


Date Duration Speed Status Errors
2018-08-26, 14:17:08 18 hr, 36 min, 14 sec 119.5 MB/s OK 5248


Is this normal after replacing a Parity drive?



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The problem is with disk 5, which started throwing up read errors while you were building parity onto the new disk. So your new parity is bad and you have a failed disk 5. That's one too many failures so expect to lose some data.


The first question is, do you have backups? The second question is, did anything get written to the array since you removed the old parity disk? If the answer is no, then you might be able to put the old parity disk back and rebuild disk 5 onto a spare. Put the failed disk 5 somewhere safe because you may be able to recover some files from it if you need to later. What I'm thinking is this: remove disk 5 and the new parity disk and replace the old parity disk, do a New Config with Trust Parity checked and see if the emulated disk 5 is mountable. So the third question is, do you have a spare 4 TB disk?


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