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Hi First off for some reason it wouldnt let me post in the plugin support section :/ so posting here. 

I am currently having issues setting up the vpn I have watched Spaceinvader Ones tutorial on it and still having issues starting it up.


I am using PIA as the VPN and as per the video i moved the files in the relevent folder for the netherlands cert etc. but just wont load the web UI 

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The Netherlands was dropped from the port forwarding list, try one of the other supported endpoints. If you still have issues please enable debug logging in the container template, and post the complete supervisord.log file (be sure to redact your username/password first) located in your appdata folder. 

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16 hours ago, Sam.Chapple said:

for some reason it wouldnt let me post in the plugin support section :/ so posting here.

Because there is an existing support thread, with this exact question answered for you already.


When you click on the app's icon in the GUI, the bottom item is "support". It will take you to the appropriate place. If you have a question not already answered in that thread, feel free to add your question to the existing thread, so others with that question can easily find the answer you are given.

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