Disk ID's changed. Disaster

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Hello and Help!


I've just replaced a failing cache drive using the method describede in one of the tutorials, However......


After powering the machine back up all the drive ids changed! For example, my first data drive which was "sde" is now "sdb" for example and this is now the case for all the drives including parity and cache. When i tried to start the array all drives showed red crosses.


None of the other drives were unplugged so how can this happen??? I thought the only way to change the drive id (sda,sdb,sdc,etc) was to physically plug them into different headers on the Motherboard?


Anyway, i then foolishly used the "New config" tool without the "retain all" switch and this has just made matters worse. Now all of the drives are showing blue squares next to them and are threatening to wipe all contents if i attempt to start the array!


Where do i go from here? I do have a screenshot of my original disk config but not a USB Unraid backup.


Many thanks, Gerald.

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What version of Unraid are you using?


The /dev/sdX device names are assigned dynamically during the boot process as devices are recognised so are always subject to change.     This is why UnRAID v5 and later recognises disks by serial number - not how they are attached.

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