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unRAID server becomes unresponsive

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I hope someone here has an idea of whats going on because I am all out! Anywhere between 6 hours to 48 hours, the server will become unresponsive.

By unresponsive, I mean:

1. Will not respond to pings

2. Shares are not accessible

3. Docker containers are not available

4. The host itself is unresponsive (cannot even put in a username locally to take a look)


The only resolution I have found is to perform a cold reboot to the server. If there is any diagnostic information that could help, please let me know and I will attach it.



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Tools - Diagnostics, attach complete diagnostics zip file to your next post.


Do you have an attached monitor and keyboard?


Have you done a memtest?

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Another test. Boot up with a monitor and keyboard attached and load up the console (not the GUI). Login and then type the following command:

tail /var/log/syslog -f

This will start printing the system log to the screen. Then when the system crashes next, take a picture of what's on that screen before rebooting.

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41 minutes ago, DaemonHunter said:

Yes I have a keyboard/mouse attached. both are unresponsive as if system locked up. I have not done a memtest yet. Would you recommend that for start?




You have a keyboard/mouse attached, but, no monitor?  If you can attach a monitor, it will help in troubleshooting.


Your diagnostics are after the last reboot so, of course, there is nothing in the syslog related to what might have causes the previous crash.  The syslog, since it is stored in RAM, is reset on every reboot and information logged before then is lost.


Try running


'tail -f /var/log/syslog"


on the console or an open terminal window (leave it open).  This will actively monitor the syslog and the last few lines of the syslog will be on your console monitor/terminal window when the server locks up and requires a reboot.  Before rebooting, take a picture of the monitor screen and post that.  Perhaps there will be a clue in what was last logged before the lockup.


Have you noticed any call traces in previous syslogs?  Do you have any dockers assigned custom IP addresses.  I ask because this produced call traces/server lockups on my main server until I discovered a solution.


A trurl mentioned, a memtest will determine if you have any memory issues.  Run it at least 24 hours.  It's an option in the unRAID boot menu, but, you need a monitor on the server to see what is going on with a memtest.  I don't think the version included with unRAID has file logging.



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Sorry I guess I should read my response before sending it. Yes I have a monitor attached as well. 

I am tailing the log files currently and will let you know the outcome when it locks up. 

@Hoopster I have not noticed any call traces in previous syslogs. All dockers are assigned via static IP.



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Maybe a coincidence, but a couple of those screens show GPF with Plex transcoder. Which plex are you using? Does it happen if you don't run plex?


What about that memtest?

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Could a docker container be causing it? The only recent change I have made is adding the H265ize docker container but have not had a chance to set it up. I noticed that it was running and using 80% of the CPU?? Before the memtest I think Im gonna delete this container and see if this issue persists. Is there a way to make sure everything that the container installed is removed?

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Not familiar with that container but assuming it behaves like a container, if you just stop it then it shouldn't matter if you remove it or not since it is "contained".

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Have run a memtest with no issues.

Formatted and reinstalled the unraid flash drive.


The issue seems to be the Plex Transcoder? I have posted files of what I am seeing in the syslog as well as a recent diagnostics.











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