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  1. The server crash issue is still not resolved. In the process of attempting to fix this issue (updating BIOS), I now have another issue when booting up. The fix so far is to boot into GUI mode which seems to work.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm super familiar with those threads and have them all bookmarked. I've tried everything suggested. The only thing I haven't tried is my AMD Ryzen 5 1600 for segfaults. I did try installing Debian on a USB and running the Oxalin Ryzen Test with these instructions but kept getting some error on the very last step related to RAM already being mounted somewhere and the test wouldn't run. The year month date stamp is within the production period where there were significant faults though. Beyond that I'm not sure at this stage. I do have two errors that may have something to do with it which I've attached. The really odd thing about all of this is that this system and OS was stable for sooooooooooooooooooo long without a single hitch. I really don't understand what the issue could be. No hardware changes, only upgrades to UNRAID version...
  3. Sorry about the delay on a response to your suggested troubleshooting steps. I ended up embarking on a very lengthy RMA process with my ECC Kingston RAM. I ran a memtest and found a lot of errors, but there is no servicing in Australia, so it had to go to Taiwan. So months later, I have new RAM in the machine, and the same issue is occuring. It was initially stable for 40 or so hours, and now the recurring issue is much the same. So the problem is still not solved!
  4. I haven't yet, that's a good idea. I've probably had too much faith in my RAM just due to the fact that it's ECC. It could be the culprit. I'll let you know how it goes in a few days, thanks for the advice.
  5. I actioned all of these suggestions and even installed a hest sink on my SSD cache drive. Thank you for the advice. It booted first time! Then it was stable for 30 or so hours (more than double my normal stability time) then this error occurred again. This morning I checked in on my server though Open VPN and success, two hours later and it won't connect and my Plex is down. I thought that the problem was solved, but it's obviously back. I'm really keen to build a list of other potential fixes, and I'll be grateful for any suggestions. Should I try things like C6 states enabled and PSU Idle Mode to Auto? These are set this way to circumvent Ryzen issues, but from my understanding they may be addressed through OS and BIOS? Just an idea...
  6. Thank you kindly for the advice regarding the BIOS version, I've gone ahead and updated it. Before I updated, it would take me 1-2 hard resets for it to post BIOS and load UNRAID (it would just be a black screen with no posting at all until I held the power button down). I've noticed now that it takes 6-7 hard resets to get it to post and boot into UNRAID. Maybe unrelated... Anyhow, I managed to capture this from the server which may give more insight into what's causing these issues: Any help much apprecaited!
  7. Hi all, I've investigated potential causes for this and exhausted all obvious and easily accessible solutions, so I thought that I'd reach out and see if anyone is able to offer some insights. My server has probably been stable for over a year, and only as of very recently (with no hardware or software changes at all) it has been either: Going into a standby mode where the power LED is flashing and drives are spooled down or; Going into a state where it is completely unresponsive and unreachable. If I wake it from standby from state 1, it will simply resume as per state 2. In either state, the connected screen and peripherals do not work, other than to push it from state 1 to 2 with the keyboard. My system: Kingston Technology ValueRAM 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 ECC CL17 DIMM 2Rx8 Desktop Memory Some of the things I've tried: 1. Disabling C6 States 2. Power supply idle mode set to Typical Idle Current 3. Moved the Flash Drive to USB2 slot 4. Disabled Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin My suspicions: 1. Potentially something to do with Plex, but can't be certain (as I said, nothing has changed). 2. Potentially something to do with my network, as when I powered my Desktop on which is sitting on the same desk and connected to the same dual port power over ethernet adapter, the server spooled down into its odd standby mode. However, I think this was just a serious coincidence. Thank you in advance for any assistance, this one is really baffling me. Log as of this morning (I've never seen this stuff related to pcieport before, but it may be relevant): Please find color-coded System Log attached or below: System Log.html
  8. Cheers. Do you know what this setting may be called on different boards? I have an ASRock can't find anything similar (I'm looking under Advanced > CPU Config > North Bridge Config etc.
  9. Hey mate, did you end up finding a fix? My server is doing the same thing, and I think Plex may have something to do with it as I've exhausted almost all other options.
  10. Yea, I used the preset ombi.subfolder.conf if that's what you are referring to. 'Open Mobile App' button does nothing.
  11. Thank you. All working now. I have an issue with getting the application working now though I've put my externally accessible https://myserverombi.duckdns.org/ombi/ into the application URL field, with application name set as Ombi, but when I hit the 'Open Mobile App' button, nothing happens. Login from the app also doesn't work "Something was not right, please double check the details you have provided". The externally accessible URL works perfectly from any browser on any network. I have one error in my Ombi log, and no errors in letsencrypt:
  12. Thank you for the response! This is how I have it configured: It doesn't let me choose a path that doesn't exist? Also, that's how my other dockers have been functioning perfectly for a while. If I look in Krusader, the directory is Root > media > user > downloads > complete.
  13. Hi, I'm getting the following error persistent in all logs: I believe my mappings are correct: Internal Lidarr log (many like this): 19-1-7 21:20:10.1|Error|DownloadedTracksImportService|Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Lidarr: /data/complete/Stevie_Ray_Vaughan_And_Double_Trouble-Texas_Flood-(Legacy_Edition)-2CD-2013-404
  14. I have both installed, that was just a part of the troubleshooting. Same issue with Binhex. I'll post there instead though seems as it's the active one in this screenshot.