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  1. Pm sent Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Still got? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. I'm interested in the ram if you part it out Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Is there any documentation on this? Why did this fix it?
  5. Just stumbled upon: Seems to be same issue as me. I'm going to upgrade my BIOS and check for this setting.
  6. I've been having this same issue. I have an AMD processor with an ASUS mobo. Where in BIOS is the setting you are talking about?
  7. I've upgraded to 16gb a while back., and I have had the issue happen 2-3x since. I'll get any where between 45-60 days of uptime when I start getting my issue. Its always exclusively happened when I start up a stream from Plex docker. Iwas using Fix Common Problems per another suggestion to capture log, i just realized since 6.7 its no longer apart of the plugin and now a native feature. With that said I need to configure my syslog server so that I can have some history for my logs in the event I get another crash in this similar manner.
  8. @Squid I have updated the dockerfile so that uses the latest version of mono, and I also have updated the template to fix those issues.
  9. @ShovelHead @Tibbar The dockerfile has been updated to so that it runs the latest version of mono. Can someone who uses this docker please report back to make sure all is well?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Which line shows you the controller? Also what recommendations can you make for a new one?
  11. Looking for a little assistance. I started the process of upgrading my 120gb Samsung SSD to a 480gb Kingston SSD. I began by following the guide located: https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive . I got to step 7. Installed the new drive and upon rebooting Unraid didn't see it. My system has 6 on board sata ports, and I have an expansion PCI card that has 4 additional SATA ports. The SSD along with 2 other array drives are connected to the adapter. During boot, before unraid posts I see a bios diagnostics screen come up for the PCI SATA adapter and it shows the 3 drives including a 477gb Kingston. One other weird symptom I have been having is that it is taking 3-5 minutes for all my array drives to become visible on first boot of Unraid . They show up as missing, then finally show up and I can start the array. Attached is my log I just dumped. Can anyone help me comb threw logs and determine whats going on. Thanks, J Edit: I solved this by moving an array drive off the the onboard SATA port. I then moved the SSD from the PCI card to the onboard SATA and booted up unraid. All my drives immediately showed up and were ready (so that weird anomaly of missing drives for 3-5 minutes cleared up), and the SSD showed up as an unassigned drive. Anyone that is better at reading logs than me could please tell me if they see anything out of the norm because I am baffled. homeserver-diagnostics-20190510-2215.zip
  12. I have had this happen to me roughly a half dozen times where all of my dockers will be unresponsive so I will head to the gui and it isn't available, I cant ssh into it, its not pingable on the network. The cursor is blinking on the console but the keyboard will not work, thus I am forced to do an unclean shutdown. Start it back up and wait hours for a parity check to happen. I have not been able to pinpoint what is going on, its annoying and I am afraid it will cause issues with my array. Any help would be beneficial. Please advise on what I can do to aid in troubleshooting the issue. homeserver-diagnostics-20180907-1947.zip
  13. I'll give that a shot. It was on the list to add more RAM and add a cache drive. Perhaps is the time to give my system an upgrade.