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Disk running hot

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Hello all,

How accurate is the temp monitor in 6.6.6 version? I have all my disk running at 40 degree plus, bouncing in and out of 56 degrees. This is Celsius so that is equivalent to 100 to 134 F.  I am running the ICY DOC 5 bay set up, with two of the docks with the fans on high. The case is a Antec 900 with the new Z390 Gigabyte motherboard and I9-9900K Coffee Lake processor. All drive bays are filled with 4TB Seagate ST4000NM0033. I have tried to do all kinds of fan, case and dock placements to try and get it down to the older system, with is running in the 30 C.


Any Ideas would be appreciated, I looked at the future release 6.7.0 to see if anything would fix my issues. I did not see anything that stood out to my issue, I could be wrong. Please inform.  



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3 minutes ago, speedyonthehill said:

How accurate is the temp monitor in 6.6.6 version?

It just reports what the disks are reporting, so if anything is not accurate it's your disks, and if it's all of them, not very likely.

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You want to setup the air flow through the case so that the air comes in over the hard drives and exits through the back of the case.  I can't see what that fan is the front of the case is doing but I suspect it is blowing in air goes straight out the back without cooling anything.  (This bypass will also actually reduce the air flow across your drives!) 

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What Frank1940 said. If the fan isn't sealed to the drive cage, it needs to be set to exhaust. If there is an opening without a fan, like perforations in a back panel or perforated slot covers, they need to be taped over and sealed completely. ALL air that enters the case should be drawn over the drives. All power supply and case fans should be exhaust, not intake.


Consumer cases aren't meant for cooling many hard drives, they expect you to have most of the heat load as CPU and GPU.


Rack mount server cases typically have a fan wall, which forces all the air from front to back and the drives are arranged so all the air must flow past them.  Empty drive bays have block off plates specifically to keep air from entering an empty slot.

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Those Icy Dock fans are connected directly to the PSU or to the motherboard?

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I have tried a few of the suggest air venting ideas, with very little difference in temperature. I did not try to block the front fan off and turn it off. I have not found a way to reverse the polarity in these fans to have them pull air out. The top fan is blowing in also, turned it off and sealed with tape. the power supply is blowing in air also? The other ones I have had pulled air, I can't turn it upside down due to no air space.  The rear case fan is sucking air out, and there is a CPU fan on the big heat sink, that is blowing air to the rear of the case.


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O.K., I stopped the front aux fan. I have taped up its cover and stop the top fan also taped up. I have left the side cover vent open.

Unraid overheating.jpg

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My experience with icy dock that there is where restricted airflow with 5 drives in them.

If i understand correctly u had the same 2 drive bays in a different enclosure running at 30c?


About your current setup: Either u go Positive or Negative Pressure with your casing and fans.

I would go positive pressure, since with the big mesh on your side panel negative would be hard.

So basically your front fans on your drive bays need to push in more air volume then your rear fan does.

The PSU if it draws from the bottom of the case will not draw in air into the case, and will exit out rear.

But my guess is that the front bay fans don't get enough air in the case. Are the on max RPM?


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I have 2 older version of the Unraid servers set up similar in design. The only difference in them is the tech on the board along with the updated ICY DOCK units. The older version only had arms/rails on the sides to mount the hard drives. These new units use tray's to hold the drives and the bottom of that is notched out some. I have called ICY DOCK  and asked them for the older tray units which they don't make any longer. Bay 5 or Disk #4 is the older tray?

Unraid 5.0.5.jpg

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The RC of 6.7.0 gives out of the box sensor information that could be useful analyzing your issue.

Our you could install Dynamix System Temperature plugin, on 6.6 and see what other temps are.

If the motherboard temperatures are OK, then i'm pretty much sure its the airflow in the docks.

The older had better airflow in my opinion, i have used some newer ones and didn't like there cooling.

My disks are running at 32c and mainboard about 28,5c with a 24c air temp running full quiet.

Only time the fans run faster on my array is when i run my monthly parity check for 16 hours.


So if your mainboard is around 30c, at least if u have a sensor that measures it.

Im pretty sure your airflow inside the case is alight, and thus your docks are hot inside.

If your mainboard is in the 40c range, then hot air is not getting out of your case.

Thus adding extra heat to the docks, etc.


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58 minutes ago, speedyonthehill said:

I have not found a way to reverse the polarity in these fans to have them pull air out.

Take the fan out of its mounting and turn it around!  That will blow the air in the other direction.  Either put an exhausting fan in that side panel or block it off with tape or a piece of card stock cut to size. 


I use two of the older Antec 900's and have no problem keeping my max drive temperature in the 30's.  You just have to understand that you have to set up these cases so that the air comes in the from front, across the drives and is pulled out the back, side and top. With those drive cages, you don't want any possibility of incoming air being able to bypass going through them! 

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The IcyDocks are default in a pull configuration, the suck out fresh air from the front of the computer case in to the tray's over the disks in too the case.

Swapping it around will lead u blowing warmed air from inside the case over the disks, i wouldn't suggest doing this as its likely to increase the heating issue.

The rear fan and the CPU fans should be facing outwards towards the back of the computer. Top fan could add more positive pressure to get the warm air out.

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Thanks to all for input,

I am on the road for the next few weeks working, will try to test more when I get time.

newer photos are of my old cases with 5.0.5. and 4.0.6? I haven't experienced this in the past and trying to find a cure.



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As I look at these two pictures, I have a couple of comments. 


For the server in the lower picture, I would remove that front fan in the three bottom slots and completely block off the opening.


For the upper picture of that server, it is difficult to tell what is going on with the middle three slots.  It appears that there could be two open slots and and HD in the third slot.  If that is the case, I would block the two open slots covers.


The purpose of these changes to force all of the air that comes into the server Box(es) to flow FIRST over the drives.  This warmed air would been be exhausted (after being heated further by the MB components) by the outward blowing fans in the back of the case(s).  (In servers, keeping the MB cool is a minor problem compared to cooling the drives!)


PS--- I also have the Antec 900 case...



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