Determine block device from md device

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Sorry if this is obvious but I cant quite nail it down.


I have a need for a thing I am doing to find the device name and disk serial starting knowing either "/mnt/disk4" or "/dev/md4" from the shell


Does anyone know how to get for example "/dev/sdb1"  from this?



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I have tried I think all the obvious ways although I still think i missed the one obvious one that works


lsblk /dev/md4
md4    9:4    0  3.7T  0 md   /mnt/disk4


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grep -A1 '"disk4"' /var/local/emhttp/disks.ini

or if you want only the device designation

grep -A1 '"disk4"' /var/local/emhttp/disks.ini | grep -Po 'device="\K[^"]+'


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yeah i dont think it is there either but i suspect this thread will hang about for years and hit first page on google since its so niche.


(anyone else find themselves answering their own question via google in old forum posts... i do more than I care to admit)

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