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Disk 7 disabled

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I have had a lot of trouble recently wiht my SAS controller card. I presumed it was because it was SAS and not LSI... i replaced it today and disk 7 is still not available. This is on the heals of disk 6 failing and being replaced. The timing is suspect. could someone please look at my diagnostics and confirm that 7 is in need of replacement and that there is not a greater issue looming?


I would be eternally grateful.





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You have 248 Reallocated sectors on this disk that is a bit more than a year old.  I would be most hesitant to have such a disk in my array.   I was surprised that you managed to get a smart report from it.  But since it is apparently accessible, I would try to run an extended SMART test on it.  (You can get to this by clicking on the that disk under the 'DEVICE' column on the Main tab.)  This task will probably 7 to 10 hours to run.  

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I've ran into these types of problems before.

Unfortunetly it can be a few things, a Disk failure is always possible but a second disk running into the same issue at the same time is unusal.

Unless there has been some kind of event like vibration that damaged both drives.


Quick way to rule this out try moving the SATA Drives to the onboard controller or if they are on the onboard SATA Controller try moving them to the LSI Card.

It could be a data cable issue or controller issue.


If all drives were running into an issue it could be RAM or PSU but given its only two drives i'd look at your SATA Data Cables or Controller.

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Another issue which some else encountered was a defective power splitter as these are often used when the PS does not have enough outlets on the main SATA disk drive power cable.  

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That usually hits all disks on that 5V Cable though.

I guess its looking for paterns if its two disks what do those two disks share?

Same Controller or same 5V Cable, process of elimination.

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