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Out Of Memory errors detected on your server

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unRAID Version 6.7.2 2019-06-25

I installed unRAID about a week ago and enjoy it but last night I received a notification via the Fix Common Problems app:

Out Of Memory errors detected on your server

Your server has run out of memory, and processes (potentially required) are being killed off. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums


Link to download diagnostics: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZR7i37ZYHmGLsQlHg4B9m76pd9kApSs8xX0


System specs: i3 3245 CPU / 8GB RAM

256GB SSD Cache Samsung EVO

10TB WD Parity Drive

8TB WD Data Drive


Following apps installed and working:






I have one VM: OpenSuse Tumbleweed, with 3072MB allocated to it (I installed that VM last night and got this error since then, so perhaps this is the cause? I can delete it no problem as it was just to preview the distro).     

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Please attach your diagnostics directly on the forum.


Nevertheless, that VM is the reason. You have 8GB RAM and the VM eats up 3GB (37.5%), leaving very little left for anything else to use.

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G'Day Guys,

I too have received an out of memory issue.  The Fix Common Issues recommended I post my diagnosis file to the Forum.


Also, I've noticed a few of my Docker containers have also disappeared.  I was able to reinstall and reconfigure them.  I just thought it was strange.


Please let me know what I need to modify to prevent out of memory issues moving formward.



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One possibility is a docker volume mapped to storage that doesn't exist. Only paths beginning with /mnt/user or one of the /mnt/disk# or /mnt/cache or a mounted Unassigned Device at /mnt/disks/... All other paths are in RAM. Also, writing to an unmounted Unassigned Device would have the same effect since that would also be a path in RAM.

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