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"Most-free" Fill up disks in % rather than GB

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So I have a request in changing how unRAID distributes files across the array.

I currently have my share set to 'most-free' as I'd like files to be split as evenly as possible across all the drives I have, for a long time I had 4 x 1tb drives in my array (slowly replacing these out now) and when set to most free this leaves each of these 1tb drives at around 50% while my 3/4tb drives are 80/85% full, as you can see in the picture attached.

I'd prefer the 'most-free' option to have a secondary option to then measure in % rather than actual space free. This could also be useful for the 'high-water' method also.



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+1  For this!

It would cool if there was an "least used space" option like MergerFS with the lus policy.

That way data would be evenly distributed across all drives regardless of the drive sizes.



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This! +1,000,000


I range from 6TB to 14TB drives in a 30 Bay 45 Drives Storinator Q30 Turbo with 200+ TB in total. The Unbalance plug-in has helped tremendously, but it is a manual and long process.


Please add this.

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