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Greetings all,


I currently have the problem that some of my HDDs get dropped from the array and are listed in unassigend devices.

I thought it might be a SATA-cable problem at first and changed the cables of these HDDs, but the got dropped again.


I attached the diagnostics and hope that you guys can shed some light on this. I'm rather  scared that my server is dying on me😰




So I just checked my array devices list and the devices are still listed there but also in unassigned list?

I attached two screenshots, in those the dropped disks are listed in the array devices list but also in the unassigned devices list with different device identifications (sdX).




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Update about HDDs still in array?
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Sorry for reanimating this old thread of mine, but my Server is doing it again.

The same to disks got dropped from the array and Unraid states, that the WD-WCC4E3RD042A has read errors.


So I guess the mainboard is finally dying?

Do you guys suggest just buying an HBA (like the Adaptec RAID 8405 4 Port PCIe 3.0 x8) or should I completely scrap the board and buy a whole new system?


Or are acutally the drives the issue here?

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Ok, so looks like I borked the extended SMART test.

I did start it approx. 24 hours ago and waited till it said 10% completed. I then closed my Browser and shut down my PC (not the Unraid Server) and as I logged back in today and looked on the specific drive there are no self-tests logged on the drive. I set the spindown to never so that the test won't get interrupted by it.


I attached the diags from just now, but I couldn't find anything in the system log itself that hints to the disapperence of the test.


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