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I remember these were always on sale for $159 before the holidays. Now they went up to $179. Is there a shortage or something that would cause these to go up at all? I don't mind $20 if I was going to buy 1, but I want to buy several and open them up. I heard they are white label WD REDS.


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On 2/13/2020 at 11:59 AM, veezer said:

Darn it, back to $249. Wanted to get another. Anyone who has shucked their WD RED drive, they are ok for Unraid, right? My friend is telling me to get the helium filled drives and stuff like that. I told him it wouldn't make a difference. Anyway, I'm trying to consolidate and only stay with 8tb, 10tb drives. Now I'll have to wait for the sale again. Anyone who shucks the drive are you returning the item with a smaller drive in it? I know that's pretty much stealing, but Western Digital is kind of stealing too. If they can sell the same drive for $275, then sell the same darn drive in a USB case for $159-$179 that's robbery also. Well if anyone sees them drop to $159 again, shout out? Thanks.


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Though you are correct,  in California, you could walk out of any store with a big screen tv, as long as its under 1,000 nothing will happen.  And even if they catch you, and prosecute you, you can get out of jail free with no bail.  Now this is a small exaggeration but I have seen people walk out of home depot with faucets and what not, all they do is either recover the merchandise or let you walk away with it.  I have seen major retails like Stator Bros close their stores in high theft areas because of this.  Then the shop lifters go to the nicer neighborhoods, and the store has to be modified so there is only one Entrance / Exit to control loss.

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On 2/19/2020 at 6:45 PM, veezer said:

It is, in fact, stealing (return fraud - price arbitrage) and is prosecuted, for example, as petty theft/shoplifting in CA. https://www.shouselaw.com/is-return-fraud-a-crime-in-california, so please don't do it. 


I really would feel guilty as heck if I did return them. So at least I can do with what I want after I buy them. I can shuck them, or throw them in a river. Thanks!


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