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questions before switching to unraid

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hi so im thinking about switching to unraid but i have some questions

1 right now im using open media vault with snapraid and have 2x 10 tb hdd what type of raid sould i use so 1 drive can fail AND be able to add more drives later 

2 what happens if my usb flash drive dies? 

thanks in advance 

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Unraid IS NOT RAID. There is no striping. Each data disk is an independent filesystem. Each file is stored completely on a single disk. Folders can span disks (user shares).


Because Unraid is not RAID, you can mix different sized disks in the parity array, and you can easily add additional disks without rebuilding the whole array. You can have one or two parity disks, which allows one or two simultaneous drive failures to be recovered.


You should keep a backup of flash. With that backup, you can get going again just as before with a new flash by registering the new flash in the webUI.

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But even if your flash failes that is not a hopeless situation.. And even IF you would not be able to recover it (Which you should) then all individual disks are readable and have their own complete files on it. So even if all other hardware evaporates, you still have your data as long as your drives are there.

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