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Hello everyone,

I am having trouble editing a VM I have on my Unraid server. I just want to reduce the number of threads allocated to it. So I de-selected two threads (8 remaining selected) and clicked "Update".

"Update" turns into "Updating" but this never changes, and in the end when I'm tired of waiting and go back to the Unraid dashboard, the changes have not been applied.


I did not use to have such issues in the past, doing the exact same thing.

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39 minutes ago, Squid said:

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (as you've seen).  Not quite sure why though :( 


The way you put it is absolutely right : I used to be able to edit this specific VM just fine and now it's kind of stuck as-is...


Isn't there any way to make it possible to edit it again?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes VM Edit bug is still there.


Change Primary vDisk Location: Auto to Manual.

=> your vdisk greyed out path gets Black.

Then change/edit all your VM options.

Then update.


Next time you edit it, it will unfortunately be set to AUTO again, so you will have to change it to Manual again.


Otherwise it doesn't update any changes (when Primary vDisk Location: is set to Auto).

This applies to everything, name change, icon change, memory amount change, machine type change etc.


This solution is mentioned in post above and here:

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