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  1. Mouse must be placed over lower button edge to update (plugins). Should be possible to click anywhere on button "area" not just lower edge to update.
  2. I can't get UPnP working. UPnP Set to on in router. Set to Yes in "Management Access" and "VPN Manager". In VPN Manager on Local Endpoint line i get "UPnP: tunnel is inactive" I even tried installing Merlin on My ASUS RT AC 68U router but still same result. Any solution to this?
  3. OK I just reproduced the problem on my unraid and it is not the same problem you have. You get an IP address so your unraid port works. Since you get a 169.254.x.x address your routers DHCP doesn't seem to work or be set right. Source: "When the DHCP process fails, Windows automatically assigns an IP address from the private range, which is to" Do not read
  4. I had this experience too. Only way for me was to use another computer. Login in on my router from the other computer to see what IP address my unraid server got. Then let unraid run quite long after start. And finally I somehow managed to type unraid IP in browser of my other computer and log in (I had extra direct cable between computer and unraid server). Router managed to show unraid IP to me but I could not connect through it since unraid IP was outside of set router DHCP range. When inside unraid, fix common problems showed me this kind of problem https://
  5. From link above. Changes in this release: - Added support for 5.6 kernel version (probably = next stable unraid 6.9.x) ixgbe is linux driver for for intel 10 Gb network controllers 82598 and 82599. Source:
  6. Yes that file is not available as download (executable file) anymore unfortunately. If you have to use a GUI interface the only ones available also have hard link options and makes the interface harder to use. If you opt to use one of those I suggest HardLinkShellExt_X64.exe
  7. On a terminal (not using VM and passthrough). Don't use splashtop. Use NoMachine and the sound will work, no need to use <sound model> part then I think. NoMachine is free and fast. NoMachine was probably not available when the video was made and now splashtop is not free any more. On a VM passthrough. Easiest solution is to get a USB Audio device. For example one of these. With the above you need to passthrough your USB port(s) otherwise a click/abrupt change happens like every 2 seconds. I guess t
  8. I don't use a cache pool. When the parity check starts my Windows VM (on my array) practically freezes. I guess this is normal? Fix is to pause the parity check until I am finished with my VM. I guess another solution is to use cache or to put your VM "unprotected" on an unassigned device?
  9. I don't know but if you have uprgaded your unraid version to 6.8.x lately ethx: ports got reordered. see my answer here: Don't know if this helps. Just trying to help you.
  10. When i changed to more recent Unraid version it reordered my ethx: ports. The 10 Gb was eth0: and now it became eth1: after unraid update. eth0 is connected to br0 and possibly vibr0 used in dockers and VMs or something. So old settings when dockers and VMs were created don't match (1 and 10 Gb ports are not at same brx, vibrx). My solution was to reorder NICs (eth0, eth1) back in Network settings. If this is your problem (i do not know, just speculating) then my fix is as follows. To change Network Settings you must go to Settings and Disable in V
  11. I prefer to set the address as "static" in the router, and leave on automatic in unraid. How to set a "static" address on a ASUS router is described here. Note that the router will still use the HDCP dynamic addresses in the range you decided to use, so all other devices connected to it will always connect and get a dynamic address (prevents address conflicts). You can reserve addresses in the used range. That is what a "static" address as in the link above is. The "reserved" address is linked to the MAC address (=unique)
  12. Yes VM Edit bug is still there. Change Primary vDisk Location: Auto to Manual. => your vdisk greyed out path gets Black. Then change/edit all your VM options. Then update. Next time you edit it, it will unfortunately be set to AUTO again, so you will have to change it to Manual again. Otherwise it doesn't update any changes (when Primary vDisk Location: is set to Auto). This applies to everything, name change, icon change, memory amount change, machine type change etc. This solution is mentioned in post above and here:
  13. Interesting. Does the XG-U2008 router show that it has Full 10 Gb speeds on both links (blue lights for 10 Gb ports)? See Signal Quality Indicator in the above link. Here is somebody else with the same "issue" on a specific motherboard.
  14. I read that it did not work for somebody in this Unraid forum, but maybe it was this post. But that is for an older Aquantia 5 Gb controller the AQC111U. So it might work with the AQC108 5 Gb controller? Here a link to some Aquantia chips. There seems to be more than I knew of. For the linux driver to work OOTB (out of the box) it must be included in the linux kernel or "added" by Limetech, the later only possible if the driver code is "compatible" with the linux kern
  15. 2.5 Gb should be enough if you only use HDD array in unraid (no SSDs or cache). The HDD data transfer speed (except from its cache) is not going to be faster. 2.5 Gb copper cable LAN is simple to use and cheap and convenient so why not use that if it works now.