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i have QNAP TS-1677x with AMD inside.

I was trying to get all those temps and other things working, i did some google digging and found, that it must be using the IT8528 chip/board, because sensors-detect ist complaining. But it seems unRaid did not activate the kernel modules on compile, hopefully.


If the iManager driver would be baked into the kernel, it could get me the: Temps, GPIO (LCD), FANS and LED's control - Maybe not until 6.9 unRaid release.

sensors-detect showed this:

Some Super I/O chips contain embedded sensors. We have to write to standard I/O ports to probe them. This is usually safe. Do you want to scan for Super I/O sensors? (YES/no): Probing for Super-I/O at 0x2e/0x2f Trying family National Semiconductor/ITE'... Yes
Found unknown chip with ID 0x8528

So after soe Gooling i found:



Would be so nice, if these QNAP Hardware would work on unRaid, so i could beat them on e.g. Facebook, as they refused to give me support for their product and only said: Use compatible NVME -> which is in QNAP case never updated since 2018 and the fastest NVME's are 530 MB/s, this made the NVME's obsolete, as my normal SATA SSD already got 560 MB/s 😞


I would be so thankfully, if someone has any idea on getting this working, or bring it to the next unRaid version or the dynamix temperature plugin, i would buy you a beer 🙂




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I would also like to work this out too..

I have just recently put Unraid back on my old QNAP TVS-882BRT3 and I still have the same problem I had before where the fans don't come on because they're not being detected/managed properly in Unraid.

I was just about to try the recommendation above (I can't imagine it working any better than I tried last time even though its a newer kernel), when I saw this:


Hmm... gonna have a sniff at this for a while. Back soon :)

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Quick update here.


I built the panq bin (on another machine) found at:


and simply moved it into /root on my unraid machine temporarily.  Executing it with "panq check" detects the chipset.  Temperature does return a value, and setting fan does effect *A* fan!  My TS877 has 2cpu blower fans and 2 drive cage fans, with independent rpm control.  This single fan option appears to control just the drive cage fans.


At this point it's clear this application was written for a specific hardware setup (QNAP TS-453Be) but qnap seems to have some consistency across some models, and it's a good starting point for me.  I'll try to continue updates with my progress in case it helps others.


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Another update.  I forked guedou's TS-453Be panq project here:




Guedou's module already has the ability to control fans via ID number, but it was hard coded to his TS-453Be values.  My fork changes the "fan" command to "cpufan" and adds "diskfan".


This seems to work fine to at least manually control my fans (and probably setup a little monitoring script).  Ideally we would find something to integrate with lm_sensors so the unraid UI displays proper fan speeds and can control them.



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I've been doing research into this topic and I came across this page

which seems to be the actual kernel driver for the IT8528 chip and when loaded exposes the sensors via sysfs which I believe is what the Dynamix Auto Fan plugin requires.  I don't actually have a machine with this chip yet nor unraid setup so I can't try this out myself, however, would someone like to try compiling that driver and loading it to see if the fans can be controlled from unraid?


Edit: it seems the IT8528 chip can run custom firmware and even though this driver is designed for this chip it is for different firmware.




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FYI for those with this chip in their system, I decided to write a driver for this chip since I plan on getting a QNAP TS-X73A unit for me Unraid setup and it has this chip.  It will be a full hwmon driver that will work with the fan control plugin in Unraid.  A good amount of progress has already been done and can be found here:  I'll provide updates once it's actually usable.




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Today we got the driver fully working. Currently the development and testing is being done on Debian and Ubuntu but it works great. You can view temps, fan RPMs, and view and adjust fan PWM values. Code needs a tiny amount of cleanup still and a few odds and ends but it should be ready for prime time pretty soon. Need to write some more documentation about it and figure out how to compile it for Unraid too still.

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