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  1. Host access is disabled and no container rely on any other and each restart other Containers are online, so it seems to be random...
  2. Does anyone still have the docker problem after reboot/cold boot? each time only some dockers started (random and regardless of bridged or br0 etc.) after reboot and i have to disable and reenable the docker service?
  3. This should explain, why the panics doesn't occur after a crash/restart of the server, because setting the "Host Access" to yes does not persist a reboot for me. After reboot it shows still yes, but the host can't access the container. So i have to disable and than enable host access in the settings again. After that it works again but the kernel panic will occur at some time. Mybe i'm alone with this setting persitant bug, but if more ppl on the same boat and it' unknown untill now, than there could possibly much more ppl with kernel panics upcoming Could be
  4. okay, for me it only worked on my workstation. It's interesting, that it worked for you on pixel.
  5. Okay, verified... On my desktop pc with e.g. chrome all the settings working and nothing is overwritten. (verified 3 times) On my Tablet (Galaxy Tab S6 OS: Android) with Chrome the problem occurs. Holy shit, who could ever imagine thats the Client-Browser / OS combo...
  6. i've tried in safe mode, but still the same behaviour. this behaviour is randomized, sometimes it happens on third drive, sometimes i can configure 4-5 drives until it happens... New screen recording in safe mode: https://gofile.io/d/rhfptu As this is a Android Tablet with Chrome, i will retry on pc.
  7. If i manually save the smart controller type for one drive of the array, each time i set it on the next one, the controller type on the one before resets to default. I alrady klickt on the "standard" button to reset all values and tried again. For my hdd's i can use: SAT & HP CCIS As i stated, i just upgraded from 6.9-rc2 to Stable. Before the Update i was able to save the settings. thebeast-diagnostics-20210302-1159.zip *** Update *** After fiddeling with those settings i ended up with: I tried it
  8. What's up @limetech are you guys still alive? Any heartbeat? 😁
  9. Does this only apply to the 410i? I've a gen 8 with a 420i and could run the drives normally with SAT or hp cciss driver, no problems at all... Is the 410i so much different thannthe others?
  10. I was not able to get disgnostics, as the server gets unresponsive, because it doesn't finish and stays forever on collecting.(both, webgui + console) I could only get the Systemprotocol with repeating Kernel Stacktrace... Protocol < NoPaste Any ideas? Greetings Dark
  11. For me it's still relevant, as i don't have a VLAN active and it worked all fine brfore RC1...
  12. The next time it happens I'll plug in a keyboard and monitor right away and try to get a diagnosis... Hopefully the console would be responsive.