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  1. What's up @limetech are you guys still alive? Any heartbeat? 😁
  2. Does this only apply to the 410i? I've a gen 8 with a 420i and could run the drives normally with SAT or hp cciss driver, no problems at all... Is the 410i so much different thannthe others?
  3. I was not able to get disgnostics, as the server gets unresponsive, because it doesn't finish and stays forever on collecting.(both, webgui + console) I could only get the Systemprotocol with repeating Kernel Stacktrace... Protocol < NoPaste Any ideas? Greetings Dark
  4. For me it's still relevant, as i don't have a VLAN active and it worked all fine brfore RC1...
  5. The next time it happens I'll plug in a keyboard and monitor right away and try to get a diagnosis... Hopefully the console would be responsive.
  6. I thought it was solved, but it's back again in RC2.
  7. Hey guys, lately i had two Unraid-Server hung ups... First time it was in RC1 and second time just now. I was noch able to recover from this Problem and had to Hard-Reset the machine. Symptoms: WebGui was somewhat freezing. Through console no more htop could be executed. I was able to look start top, for ~10 secs before host wasn't reachable. Ther was a kworker task, powersave_event or somtehing, that was taking up 100% CPU. As i wrote above, than the host could not be reached anymore. Therfore i was not able to get any Diagnostics.
  8. Added diags Tom 🙂 I also got a Stacktrace in logs now, dunno if anything is related. https://nopaste.xyz/?5990e0c2fafd1ce7#6fi3fQWdQE5buGqCyfaHGsBnQzGMndknZrtqbemc7AAn Don't get confused if any smartdata is in logs, the values are ok, i had a bad usb dock one time, but now all hdds used internally.
  9. Thanks for your reply, but please ppl stop asking those questions. There's No reason using smart data with spun down disks and as you can see, console smartctl is showing smart data. So guess what? Disks not spun down... @SimonF Made my day 😂👍
  10. Since the RC1 and the... i get no more smartdata displayed if i eg. select controllertype sat. @limetech This is a reminder, so it gets considered before we enter final. Greetings Dark thebeast-diagnostics-20201219-1646.zip