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Buon Pomeriggio,


@DanielPetrica and @stefan marton- I have created a new forum here for the Italian language and a new Italian Github Repo:


Please see the for how to get started:


You can go at your own pace and submit PR's to the repo and I will review and commit.


If you have any questions on formatting or anything, please let me know!





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5 minutes ago, DanielPetrica said:

Hi @SpencerJ In the dasboard.txt on row 24 I've encountered the

is this the speed of the fan or the number of fans available?

Hello @DanielPetrica- this refers to number of fans. If you know any Spanish or French, let me know and I can share those repos with you for comparison. Or- please feel free to ask any and all questions you have. Thank you!

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