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  1. i have tried with small group and work but with file over 1 Mega dont work dont send a report
  2. after i install the docker when i open webpage i see this error : the key FERDI_APP_KEY.txt is 20 word and the password for user database is 16 word
  3. solved : i forgotten that i have pruned the delugevpn image
  4. i have download image for flexget and from yesterday and now the status is rebuilding from log : i have try to restart docker engine but problem remain someones have solution for this ? in second image i can't use the bottom button for update docker
  5. all two container is under bridge i use adminer to manage postgres in bridge too
  6. the name is postgress i have tried with Postgres and postgres no change
  7. i have tried to install invidious with method 1 but there are this error : from src/env/__libc_start_main.c:94:2 in 'libc_start_main_stage2' Caused by: Hostname lookup for postgres failed: No address found (Socket::Addrinfo::Error) i checked the database is accessible
  8. simply question : i can connect to thunderbird docker with vnc client and not with webpage of novnc ? i have try but i have this error : The connection closed unexpectedly.
  9. ok now i'm start to look the github file
  10. after update to new version i dont see docker name only the id then before update i see the container name
  11. i have try to change iommu on bios but wifi still on group with ethernet i hope with next bios
  12. i have to try to passthrough a motherboard wifi controller ( gigabyte x399 designare ) with and insert into xml file but when start what i wrong ?
  13. i have a gygabyte x399 designare but the fan plugin dont work with this motherboard i think to buy a usb fan controller to controll 7 fan wich one work with unraid ?
  14. i request a cache pool read only for my media server like the feature on synology nas
  15. i installed fan plugin but i can't controll the fan you can ?
  16. thx i haven't understand the unraid system now i restart to programming the new system
  17. Maybe stupid question but i ask : 1) what is minimun SSD disk for parity in 5x3Tb pool 2) i can upgrade the number of disk in raid after started to use the pool without lose my data ( i try and i lost the data ) 3) if 2 is possible i have to use the same hard disk or i can use more capacity disk ?
  18. if i buy a key i can use the same usb pen after i upgrade my server and change all hardware ?