Connecting NVME drive with information.

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My girlfriends Mac laptop gave out but I got her NVME drive which is fine. My motherboard has a NVME port on it. My question is, can I connect the drive and will it appear as an unassigned drive so I can recover her information? Is it that simple? Haha.



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Yes, is that simple, i've using NVME disks in my unraid and it detects them without problems as unassigned devices, the only caveats is the support for passthrough to a VM, specifically with Intel 660P and some other models.

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Let us know how it goes and report back.


Also, can you provide the make/model number/year of that specific MacBook, and also the same for the drive? I actually have a MacBook Pro 15'' Touchbar that died recently and I am about to do the same. Any issues ripping out the drive? Mine is actually soldered to the motherboard, so not even sure I can get it out safely without a ton of work.


As for hooking up drives to UNRAID Unassigned devices via available motherboard interfaces/USB, I have done this many times successfully, including with NVME PCIe.

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